Grace Recovery is a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment center in Los Angeles, California. We provide a full spectrum of care, from our in-house detox program all the way through to our aftercare services. Learn more about Grace Recovery and what we provide for our clients.

What We Stand For

There are three tenets of care at Grace Recovery: treatment, recovery, and community. These elements come together to create a welcoming environment that provides comprehensive care.

The team at our Los Angeles rehab center believes in providing straightforward, no-nonsense care. Our goal is to take the fear and anxiety out of addiction treatment by letting our clients know exactly what to expect. By doing so, they feel more comfortable and can settle into treatment more quickly.

Our dual diagnosis approach is at the core of everything we do. We understand that mental illness has a significant influence on addictive behavior and we take steps to diagnose and address any issues. In fact, addiction can worsen the effects of mental illnesses and vice versa. As a result, it’s essential that any program provides treatment and support for both of these aspects.

With this dual diagnosis mindset, we individualize our care depending on each client’s specific needs. Everyone enters treatment with a different addiction and mental health history. While there are common threads, each case is unique. As such, we conduct a thorough evaluation to determine each client’s needs, wants, and goals.

What We Offer

The best thing about Grace Recovery is our flexibility. We offer a variety of programs ranging from short- to long-term, including:

  • 90-day program
  • 6 month+ program

Part of individualizing treatment plans is determining the length of a client’s stay. While some can undergo a 30-day program and succeed in recovery, that’s the exception rather than the rule. Extended programs have a much higher success rate, and we tend to encourage them whenever possible.

Our Approach

Regardless of the length of a client’s stay, they have access to a range of addiction treatment therapies. We aim to combine elements of Eastern and Western modalities to achieve a holistic approach. A few of our services include the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Case management
  • Medical support and medication-assisted treatment
  • Psychoeducation
  • Group therapy
  • Life skills training
  • Aftercare and discharge planning

Our balanced approach to addiction treatment ensures clients receive the education and tools they need to work toward successful, fulfilling lives in recovery. Our abstinence-based program focuses on achieving and maintaining sobriety. We do this through a 12-step philosophy that clients can carry with them after their treatment is complete.

More About Grace Recovery

Our co-ed treatment facility is more than just an addiction treatment center. It’s a place to find community and build yourself up alongside others with similar stories. If you want to find a sense of purpose and start working toward recovery, then reach out to us today. Our multidisciplinary team is ready to help. Call Grace Recovery at 877.554.7223 today to let us guide you toward a better life.