Our Story

When Greg and Joelene first met 7 years ago, they instantly clicked. As the respective CEO and Clinical Director of a highly regarded Los Angeles based treatment center, they used their shared vision to build an engaging, supportive, and confidential environment for patients to heal and change. A key part of Greg and Joelene’s success was their deliberate approach to treatment. Their holistic philosophy of abstinence-based, 12-step recovery focused on the mind, body, and spirit. They provided a combination of education, psychiatric services, individual, group, and family oriented therapeutic strategies, exercise, and ongoing access to a loving community of peers in order to give clients the foundation for long-term success in sobriety.

Grace Recovery is the collaboration of 39 years of combined treatment experience. Greg and Joelene are ethical, determined, and hold integrity above all else. They recognize that since each patient brings his or her own unique experiences to the table, individualized and customized plans are crucial for long term recovery. Greg and Joelene have seen the benefits of creating a strong treatment community of support and understanding. They have learned that struggles, heartache, and pain are sometimes necessary pebbles in the flowing stream of life. They also insist that life in sobriety must be fun. Greg and Joelene have poured their hearts into the creation of a program that will introduce people to a new way of life, full of the wonder and grace they all deserve.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer ethical, abstinence- based treatment in a healthy environment that fosters a community of recovery, healing and change. To those suffering from substance dependence. We will provide an opportunity to develop a strong foundation in recovery from which they can build a life free from alcohol and drugs. We know that the best outcome for successful, long-term sobriety depends on the quality of recovery established during the first phase of the recovery process. Philosophically, we are grounded in 12-Step program, but will offer a variety of clinical and recovery-oriented activities thoughtfully combined with the result of a comprehensive and sophisticated treatment continuum.

Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy incorporates a variety of clinical components thoughtfully combined to create a personalized and effective treatment program designed to meet the continuing needs during the first years of recovery. Grace Recovery is based on 3 tenets; Treatment, Recovery and Community. Each phase represents opportunities for residents to develop life skills and useful tools to obtain and maintain long term sustainable recovery.

Our Addiction Recovery Team

Greg, CEO of Grace Recovery a rehab center in Los Angeles

Greg Holden


Greg Holden started his career in the treatment community in 2006 as the Program Director of a men’s recovery home. It was during this time that Greg decided to pursue his MFT degree, after which he became a licensed therapist, specializing in Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders. Eventually, Greg’s educational background, professional experience, and innate leadership skills made him a natural as the CEO of a prominent Los Angeles treatment center. Greg is passionate in his goal of providing a supportive, solid, and individualized treatment experience for each person who walks through his doors. His optimism and integrity are highly regarded throughout the treatment community and shine through in all of his endeavors. Outside of work, Greg is a dedicated family man who loves all LA sports teams, as well as Wisconsin Badger football.

Jolene, Clinical Director of Grace Recovery a rehab center in Los Angeles

Joelene Knight


Joelene Knight started her career in 1991 as a community outreach specialist providing counseling to high-risk adolescents and their families. From that point on, she knew she found her calling: to help people live their best lives. She became a Certified Addictions Counselor through Los Angeles Mission College in 1992 and received her CADAC from UCLA. Joelene’s experience has spanned from providing HIV testing and education to people impacted by addiction, to providing support and clinical expertise as the Director of Clinical Programs.

Joelene’s 27-year career has provided her the opportunity to develop and implement new programs for clients to make recovery accessible. Joelene has never lost sight of the hope that people can and will recover from the crippling effects of substance abuse. In spite of the many changes the treatment industry has experienced, Joelene has remained committed to providing ethical treatment to those in need. It is Joelene’s belief that recovery can be ignited in everyone and that quality, straightforward treatment doesn’t need to be out of financial reach. Joelene’s unique, no-nonsense, honest approach allows clients and families to feel heard and supported.

As a Los Angeles native, Joelene takes great pride in her city and loves sharing her enthusiasm for life with those she encounters. When she’s not working, Joelene can be found driving one of her teenage sons around from baseball practice or to a water polo game. Her dream date is sushi with her true love of 19 years.


Joelene Knight, CATC – Co-Founder/ Executive Director
Greg Holden, LMFT -Co-Founder/ CEO


Clinical Staff

Benjamin Lieberman, LCSW – Clinical Coordinator
Kelly Wu, CADC II – Program Coordinator
Elizabeth Kauffelt, CADC I – Case Manager


Nursing Staff

Monique Bonilla, LVN- Nursing Coordinator
Ebony Morgan, LVN – Detox Nurse
Janel Dimacali, CNA – Detox Assistant
Mary Klein, CNA – Detox Assistant

Ancillary Physicians

Dr. Jonathan Reitman, Medical Director
Dr. Abe Malkin, Medical Doctor



Sean Grohs, Operations Coordinator


Business Development

Amanda Greenberg – Community Outreach Coordinator