When it comes to treatment for drug and alcohol dependency, there’s no one correct approach. Both residential and outpatient programs utilize a variety of therapeutic services. Various Los Angeles addiction therapy services are available depending on individual needs. The admissions process should be thorough enough for specialists to create the most appropriate course of treatment.

Types of Addiction Therapy Services

a woman talks to a counselor as part of her addiction therapy servicesTherapy isn’t just sitting on a couch and talking to a counselor. While talk therapy, or psychotherapy, is a significant component of treatment, addiction therapy services can involve so much more.

Some therapies are evidence-based, while others are considered alternative or holistic. Evidence-based treatment is standard, but more and more rehab centers are recognizing the benefits of alternative, or complementary, therapy as well. The best treatment plans include therapies that touch on all aspects of clients’ health.

The different types of therapeutic services you may experience in a rehab or detox program include:

  • Group therapy and family counseling: You talk to a counselor in a group of other rehab clients or with family members. Group therapy can provide different perspectives, while both types of counseling can give you much-needed support and encouragement.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This short-term therapy helps clients change negative thinking patterns into positive ones, thereby improving their behavior.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): Closely related to CBT, DBT adds mindfulness and acceptance as traits to focus on.
  • Trauma therapy: This can be very helpful for clients with a history of trauma and those that have a hard time with traditional talk therapy. Making them feel safe and secure is a top priority.
  • Experiential therapy: This may involve art therapy, music therapy, or adventure therapy, as well as other types of activities. Clients work through feelings and emotions differently, often finding it easier to talk while doing something they enjoy.
  • Holistic therapy: Yoga, meditation, tai chi, and even hiking through the woods are examples of holistic treatment. These mindfulness-centered practices bring a person into alignment by integrating their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

It’s very likely that you’ll take part in various addiction therapy services, whether you attend inpatient or outpatient treatment. Each type of therapy has its own benefits.

Personalized Los Angeles Addiction Therapy Services Is Best for Your Recovery

Addiction doesn’t affect everyone the same way, so treatment shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Many rehab facilities create individualized plans for each client. This way, everyone gets the most appropriate treatment, thereby increasing their chances for long-term recovery.

For example, not everyone needs trauma therapy as part of their addiction therapy services. However, this type of therapy is incredibly helpful for someone with a history of sexual abuse, PTSD, or domestic violence. A client may participate in individual and group therapy, and their counselor may focus on trauma therapy in their treatment.

Some clients have co-occurring mental health disorders, and they require therapy that addresses that. If they’ve had suicidal thoughts or acted on them in the past, DBT may be helpful for them, in addition to other therapy services.

Treatment. Recovery. Community.

Grace Recovery is a detox and addiction treatment center located in scenic Los Angeles. Our dedicated professionals are committed to giving you all the tools you need to attain and maintain sobriety. We believe that long-term treatment plans—90+ days—give you the best chance at overcoming addiction.

Our services include the following:

At our peaceful facility, clients enjoy a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies as part of their treatment. They may meditate or receive acupuncture alongside evidence-based therapies. Above all, we seek to make every client feel apart of our community, including an aftercare recovery community that can help them discover a higher purpose for their lives.

Are you ready to experience addiction treatment that gives you hope for a healthier future? Reach out to us at Grace Recovery at 866-296-5407, and find out how we’ll start you on a path to complete wellness.