There’s more to overcoming addiction than simply quitting drug use. People have to learn how to deal with underlying problems and take time to heal as well. Of course, proper healing involves more than just repairing the physical damage. Holistic therapy focuses on healing the mind, spirit, and emotions too.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

a woman meditates as part of her holistic therapy programAt some point, most people have heard of holistic medicine. After all, it isn’t something that only rehab centers use in their addiction treatment programs. It’s an entire philosophy that revolves around the idea of achieving optimal health. To attain this goal, holistic treatment focuses on creating balance in people’s lives.

In the United States, holistic treatment is an up-and-coming modality. However, other countries have been using this philosophy as a form of treatment for years. With that said, U.S. medical professionals still combine holistic methods with traditional, Western-based practices. Most experts agree that mixing these gives people the optimal chance of healing.

However, it’s still hard for people to pin down what a holistic therapy program truly is. The reason is that several services fit into this category. They reduce stress, improve eating habits, and help people modify their lifestyles. In general, though, all holistic treatments follow the same principles, which include:

  • All clients are people, not diseases
  • All people have the innate ability to work toward healing themselves from within
  • Treatment requires fixing the cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms
  • True healing addresses all aspects of people’s lives

How Does Holistic Treatment Help People With Addiction?

Concerning overcoming addiction, how does a holistic therapy program help people? First, experts in the United States agree that holistic therapy alone isn’t enough to deal with addiction. With that said, they believe that it can pave the way to success.

Holistic therapy helps people address many of the underlying causes of addiction. For example, stress is a big trigger that makes people turn to drugs. Holistic services such as meditation and yoga can relieve this stress, which deals with the root cause of addiction.

Also, holistic care opens the door for people to participate in new hobbies. To avoid relapse, they have to fill their free time in healthy ways. One way is to get a new hobby such as exercise. Many holistic programs open people up to trying new activities that they could really enjoy.

Overall, holistic treatment improves people’s health and shapes them into better people. Becoming better versions of themselves is part of what rehab is all about. In addition, it’s the reason why so many rehab centers recommend a holistic therapy program.

Getting Out of Autopilot

Another thing that holistic care does is get people out of what doctors call “autopilot.” Many people make the same choices every day and expect different results. However, they have to avoid the rut of not thinking about their actions. Instead, they must think about the outcome of every choice that they make.

Holistic programs such as mindfulness meditation help people take note of present events and circumstances. It makes it easier for them to stay present in their daily decision-making. It improves sleep and concentration as well.

Grace Recovery Knows the Importance of Holistic Treatment

At Grace Recovery, we know the importance of holistic therapy. Also, we know that it’s an essential part of each recovery plan. For that reason, we combine different types of holistic services into your treatment. Giving you every opportunity to improve is what matters the most to our team.

Of course, we don’t just offer holistic treatment. Grace Recovery also provides a wide range of addiction therapy services. Some of them include:

Don’t settle for anything less than a program that heals your whole body. Find out more about how holistic therapy can aid your fight to overcome addiction. Contact Grace Recovery today at 877.554.7223 for more information about how we can help you.