Addiction treatment is a complicated issue, and each treatment center approaches it differently. Of course, there are certain Los Angeles addiction treatment programs and programs with a higher success rate than others. At Grace Recovery, we use tried and true methods to help guide our clients toward a fulfilling life of recovery.

Levels of Care

lady is thriving in our addiction treatment programsAt Grace Recovery, we believe in rehabilitation that consists of comprehensive addiction treatment programs. For this reason, we offer medical detox, 30, 60, and 90-day residential programs, as well as options for outpatient treatment and aftercare services. Our expert staff can guide you through every step of your recovery journey.

Our detox program has three phases. First, we provide a medical evaluation for each client. We collect information about their medical history, current challenges, and confirm which substances are currently in their system. From here, we can create a preliminary treatment plan. Next, we work to stabilize our clients. During this phase, our team ensures medication compliance and provides clients with education about the detoxification process. Finally, we prepare our clients for the next stages of treatment. Our team begins to integrate treatment modalities to get clients thinking about self-care, emotional regulation, and their goals for the future.

The team at Grace Recovery strongly encourages long-term residential addiction treatment after detox whenever possible. While 30-day programs are the standard at many addiction treatment facilities, in many cases that is just not enough time to effectively break the cycle of addiction. As such, we provide a variety of lengths of stay to meet each of our clients’ unique needs. Clients can stay in our residential program for up to 90 days before moving on to outpatient options.

After discharge from our care, clients aren’t just on their own. We provide aftercare support to help them reintegrate back into their daily lives. With life skills training and education on issues like relapse prevention, co-occurring disorders, and family dynamics, our clients exit our facility feeling confident. We help them create and then meet their post-treatment goals.

Aspects of Care

Regardless of the treatment stage, our clients have access to a range of addiction treatment programs to guide them toward recovery. Of course, different stages require an increased focus on certain elements. For example, medical support is critical to effective detoxification. Comprehensive medical care is key to stabilizing clients during detox.

Of course, mental health needs to be a consideration at every stage of treatment. For this reason, we take a dual diagnosis treatment approach at Grace Recovery. Addiction frequently comes along with co-occurring mental illnesses. In fact, one issue often causes the other.

At Grace, we help you understand how your mental illnesses and addiction interact with each other. Our expert staff will address both issues, allowing for comprehensive healing. Left untreated, mental illnesses can lead to future addiction relapses. That’s why we prioritize our dual diagnosis approach.

Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Programs at Grace Recovery

Grace Recovery relies on three fundamental tenets of care: treatment, recovery, and community. Everything we do revolves around these principles. Our addiction treatment programs provide comprehensive care to guide clients toward a life of recovery. In the process, we help them build a community with their family, friends, and peers in treatment. To find out more about Grace Recovery and how our multidisciplinary team can help, contact us today at 877.554.7223.