People can get hooked on addictive substances surprisingly quick. Before they know it, they are constantly craving the drug and engaging in risky behaviors to find a steady supply. Cocaine is very addictive. Once you fall into a cycle of cocaine abuse, getting out of it can be incredibly difficult. The first step to regaining control of your life is cocaine detox. If you’ve never detoxed before, you might be anxious about what to expect. However, learning about the process can put your mind at ease when you make the brave decision to leave addiction behind.

Is At-Home Cocaine Detox Safe?

a woman in a cocaine detox program looks sadDetox is what happens when a person stops using addictive substances. As the drugs leave your body, you’ll feel the effects. Sometimes, people try and detox on their own at home. They simply stop using drugs and alcohol in hopes that they’ll be able to kick the habit.

But is this safe?

Without supervision from medical professionals, it can be dangerous to detox alone. Some withdrawal effects are severe, including suicidal thoughts and hallucinations. You could seriously injure yourself while detoxing.

It’s much safer to go through a cocaine detox program in a qualified facility where medical staff can monitor you and possibly ease the worst of your discomfort. Your first step in breaking free from addiction doesn’t have to be full of pain and anxiety when you partner with a detox center that offers a cocaine and alcohol detox program.

What to Expect During Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is a fast-acting drug that provides a quick high that may be completely over in about 90 minutes. Because the high is so short-lived, people often take several hits of the drug close together to prolong it. This can increase the chances of an overdose and worsen addiction.

Your detox experience depends on how long you used, your medical history, and how much of the drug you typically abused.

Once you stop using cocaine, expect to feel the first withdrawal effects in about 24 hours. The first few days, when you experience a crash, will be uncomfortable. You may feel extremely lethargic and irritable.

The next several days of a cocaine detox will involve varying degrees of cravings. You’ll probably still be very tired and feel angry and depressed. After the first week, you’ll feel better physically, but you may still suffer some mild withdrawal effects for weeks to come.

How a Cocaine Detox Program Can Help You

Thousands of rehab facilities are available around the country. Not all of them offer detox—including cocaine detox—but if you want to detox and continue rehab in the same place, look for addiction treatment centers that provide this.

If you have long-term addiction issues, you may prefer a rehab facility that can provide medication to ease the worst of your withdrawal symptoms. Not every cocaine detox facility does this, especially for cases of mild addiction.

Professionals in a cocaine detox program can monitor you for your health and safety. In addition, when you detox in a treatment center, you’re in a drug-free environment. No matter how bad your cravings get, you won’t be able to give into them.

This can give you a fresh start in rehab and long-term recovery.

You Can Make a Big Change, Starting Today

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