When trying to overcome drug addiction, people have access to many unique programs. One example is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). While an intensive outpatient program in Los Angeles CA might not be for everyone, it has a place regarding rehab treatment. The more that people know about it, the easier that it is for them to choose the right program.

people participate in group therapy in an intensive outpatient program in Los AngelesWhat Is an IOP?

An IOP is a primary treatment option that doesn’t require people to live at a rehab center. It differs significantly from a residential program in which people live at the rehab center during treatment. In general, people don’t start rehab in an IOP. Instead, they start in a residential program and work their way up to an IOP.

Why Don’t People Start With an IOP?

IOPs are excellent because it gives people a lot of freedom. However, having too much freedom at the start of rehab can overwhelm some people. Instead, an IOP works best after people receive residential treatment and learn how to cope with their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

With that said, when should people enroll in an IOP? The best time is after detox and a residential program. Some people can start with an IOP, but they should heed the recommendation from their rehab center. The staff members perform an intake evaluation that helps them determine which programs are the right fit.

What Are the Benefits of an IOP?

There are many benefits of enrolling in an intensive outpatient program in Los Angeles CA. First of all, it’s perfect for people who still have work and family responsibilities but need treatment. Some people can’t spare the time for a residential program. In such cases, an IOP could be a great fit.

Enrolling in an IOP gives people access to the same treatments as a residential program as well. The difference is that people only have access to those services when they’re at the rehab center. However, they don’t have to give up on specific programs to enroll in an IOP.

An IOP is also wonderful for people who have the support of their friends and families. During a residential program, they don’t have access to their families on a regular basis. With an IOP, though, they get to return home at the end of the day, when their loved ones can provide support.

In addition, an IOP provides access to the same support groups that residential clients have. Because of that, IOP clients get to enjoy the support of both their families and rehab communities.

It’s also worth pointing out that people who undergo residential care and an IOP are less likely to relapse. The reason is that enrolling in both programs gives people more time to understand their addiction and triggers.

Lastly, an IOP is a fantastic option for people who don’t have the money to afford a residential program. In general, residential care is more expensive than an IOP Los Angeles CA. The reason is that when people pay for a residential program, they also pay for room and board.

Why Look for an Intensive Outpatient Program in Los Angeles CA

There are numerous reasons to look for an IOP in Los Angeles. First of all, California is at the forefront of rehab breakthroughs. Many of the newest therapies and programs start in this state first. Because of that, people who seek treatment in California have access to the latest in rehab information.

Spending time outside during rehab can also help people feel less depressed, according to research. Since California has loads of sunshine and outdoor activities, it’s a great place for residential treatment and IOPs.

Grace Recovery Is Here to Help

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Finding an IOP Los Angeles CA offers isn’t hard. It’s more challenging to find one that puts your needs first. At Grace Recovery, we work with you to create an individual treatment plan. Our goal with this approach is to ensure that we target your key areas of concern.

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